Community Matters 20/20

Community Matters 20/20:

Assessment, Visioning and Planning for a Healthy Jefferson County is a county-wide assessment and strategic planning process facilitated by the Jefferson County Department of Health.

The goal of Community Matters 20/20 is to identify the county’s public health concerns, strengths and assets and collectively implement strategies to improve community health and quality of life. Community Matters 20/20 is led by a Steering Committee chaired by Jefferson County’s Health Officer, Mark Wilson, MD, and comprised of community leaders* who developed a vision statement for Community Matters 20/20 with community feedback.

Vision Statement:

“Jefferson County Alabama is an inclusive, thriving community of healthy and connected people.”

This vision statement provided focus and direction to the community health assessment process conducted with over 1200 community residents and continues to support changes as local public health system partners implement strategies and tactics to improve community health.

The Community Matters 20/20 process is guided by the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) tool, developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide the framework, structure and best practices for developing healthy communities.

Community Health Assessments

Jefferson County Local Public Health System partners completed the four MAPP assessments between February 2014 and May 2014. Each assessment yielded important information, but the value of the assessments is multiplied by considering the findings as a whole in creating a comprehensive snapshot of county health.

  • The Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA) measures the health status of the community. This assessment collects quantitative measures of health status, quality of life and risk factors that influence health.
    CHSA Executive Summary

  • The Community Themes and Strengths Assessment (CTSA) identifies community experiences, opinions and concerns related to health. This assessment gathers information from community members about what is important to the community, how quality of life is perceived and community-based assets that can be used to improve community health using a survey.
    CTSA Executive Summary

  • The Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA) uses the National Public Health Performance Standards Local Instrument to measure how well the local public health system delivers the 10 Essential Public Health Services. This assessment gathers information about the activities, competencies and capacity of the local public health system.
    LPHSA Executive Summary

  • The Forces of Change Assessment (FOCA) identifies the forces, opportunities and threats that can affect the health of the community and the local public health system both now and in the future.
    FOCA Results

Community Health Assessment for Jefferson County, Alabama with information about the assessment process and the data results and analysis from all assessments.

Community Health Improvement Plan

Based on the community health assessment data and information from community members, five strategic issues were identified as the fundamental challenges that must be addressed to improve health and quality of life in Jefferson County. On August 15, 2014, the Community Matters 20/20 Steering Committee approved Strategic Issues for improving health in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Approved Strategic Issues:
  • Reduce Health Disparities Associated with Race, Ethnicity and Economic Status
  • Promote Physical Well-Being through Healthy Lifestyles
  • Optimize the Built Environment, Transportation System and Safety
  • Optimize Healthcare Access, Availability and Utilization
  • Improve Mental Health

Utilizing feedback received from the community, work groups representing community leaders and health experts were convened for each of the five approved strategic issues to develop a work plan containing goals, strategies, tactics, timelines and lead partners for accomplishing the strategic issues. The work of the work groups resulted in the Community Health Improvement Plan Work Plan November 2014 – November 2019, which is being monitored and updated twice a year. The companion document, the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), describes the process for developing the work plan, the alignment of Jefferson County’s Strategic Issues with state and national priorities, policy recommendations and the rationale for inclusion of the Jefferson County’s Strategic Issues.

Work Plan updates and Work Plan summary update reports:

Get Involved in Community Matters 20/20

To move the health of Jefferson County, Alabama forward, community members and the local public health system must work collectively and collaboratively. In addition to the lead partners listed in the Community Health Improvement Plan Work Plan, there is ample opportunity for additional partners and community members to participate in improving community health. If you, or your organization would like to partner in the community health improvement plan process, send an email here. To speak to someone directly, contact Bryn Manzella at (205) 930-1578.

Community Health Assessment and Strategic Planning History

In 2006, Jefferson County completed the MAPP tool with the support of Jefferson County Department of Health. After multiple stakeholder meetings and extensive community engagement, JCDH, in 2007, published Our Community Roadmap to Health, a document outlining the goals for community health. The Jefferson County Health Action Partnership was established in 2007 to accomplish the goals outlined in Our Community Roadmap to Health. Since the Health Action Partnership’s inception nine years ago, a strong record of collaborative achievements has been amassed.

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