1920 29TH AVE S BIRMINGHAM 35209

95  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 2/7/2019
22-401.11 Store employee food and personal drinks in a designated area below and away from food, utensils, equipment, linens, and unwrapped single service/single use articles./// Observed employee's food stored on top shelf in RI unit. Voluntarily discarded.
13-304.14 Store wet wiping cloths in the appropriate sanitizing solution when they are between uses./// Observed wiping cloth sitting on counter in between usage.
14-901.11 Allow utensils to air dry before stacking./// Observed wet stacking of pans.
15-501.113 Keep dumpster doors and lids closed./// Observed door of dumpster open.
Central Health Center
(Guy M. Tate)

1400 Sixth Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Programs and Clinics
(205) 933-9110
Eastern Health Center
601 West Blvd Roebuck
Birmingham, AL 35206
Programs and Clinics
(205) 591-5180
Western Health Center
631 Bessemer Super Hwy
Midfield, AL 35228
Programs and Clinics
(205) 715-6121

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