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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 4/11/2019
22-402.11 Wear hair restraints that are designed and worn to effectively keep hair from contacting exposed food, equipment, utensils, linens, and unwrapped single service/single use articles./ One of the workers preparing food on the make line is not wearing a hair restraint.
18-404.11 Immediately discontinue operations and notify the regulatory authority if an imminent health hazard may exist that may endanger public health./ The food establishment was found operating with active roof leakage onto the warewashing equipment (and onto the food preparation table on the ice machine side of the food operations area).
53-304.11 Prevent the contact of food with non-food contact surfaces or with food contact surfaces that are not properly cleaned and sanitized./ Roof is actively leaking onto the installed warewashing equipment: into the santization compartment of the warewashing sink, onto the drainboard-exit ramp of the dishmachine, and splattering onto the adjoining surfaces of the equipment; all cleaned and sanitized wares are exposed to this contamination (emergency suspension of operations ordered until the leakage is eliminated).
44-501.110 Provide wash solution temperature in a chemical sanitizing dishmachine at a minimum of 120 F./ Wash solution temperature reading 113F-116F on >5 runs; low temperature warning indicated on the machine digital display.
14-501.14 Clean the dishmachine, warewashing sink, and all attached equipment./ Mineral scale and soil accumulations on the exterior of the dishmachine (R); warewashing equipment is contaminated with drippage and splash from the roof leak above it.
15-501.115 Clean the refuse storage area as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness./ Some spilled trash on the ground under and around the compactor.
26-501.11 Repair roof leaks in the food operations areas./ Active roof leaks observed over the warewashing equipment and above the food prep table on the ice machine side of the food operations area.
16-303.11(C) Provide at least 50 foot candles of light in food prep and dispensing areas./ Inoperative light fixtures on the ice machine side of the food operations area (R); dimmed and blown bulbs in fixtures on the prep and cook lines.
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