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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 2/6/2019
53-501.16 (A)(2) Maintain TCS food at 41 F or below./// Pepperoni, italian sausage, meatballs, turkey and ham (46F), mozarella cheese (47F) all in the make table cooler across from the ice cream cooler was out of temperature. Ambient temperature of cooler was 47F. Was told that all items were recently put and therefore was able to be rechilled in the RI coolers. Instructed the PIC not to use the make table cooler until it has been repaired and can maintain 41F or below.
13-302.12 Label all food or ingredients that are not in the original package with the common name of the food (Except for unmistakably recognized food such as dry pasta) /// Containers of sugar were not labeled on the rack next to the deep freezer.
13-304.12 Store utensils left inside ice machines and closable containers of non-TCS foods with handles above the top of the food or ice./// Ice scoop handle inside ice machine was touching the ice.
44-601.11(A) Clean equipment, food contact surfaces and utensils to sight and touch. (Interior of ice machine, ice bins, beverage nozzles, utensils in storage, etc.) /// Ice machine next to the RI coolers are soiled with slime/ mold.
14-601.11(B) Keep food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment (grills, fryers, etc.) and pans free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations./// Large mixing bowl is soiled with dough and is sitting on the mixing stand base, PIC stated that she mixed the dough this morning. Remove bowl from stand base and sit in or on 3 compartment sink. Needs to be cleaned.
14-204.112 Provide appropriate, readily accessible thermometers for all make tables, coolers and hot holding units./// Thermometer was sitting on top of the make table cooler instead of being inside the cooler.--COS, PIC put the thermometer inside the cooler.
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