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Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 2/8/2019
52-301.12; 2-301.14 Wash hands properly at station after any potential contamination (i.e. after handling soiled utensils, before donning gloves)./ The cook discarded gloves that were soiled from handling raw chicken and started to put on a clean pair to change tasks: he washed his hands properly at the handsink when directed to do so. The dishmachine operator rinsed and dried his hands after loading dirty dishes, and he was directed to wash them properly with soap before unloading the clean.
22-402.11 Wear hair restraints that are designed and worn to effectively keep hair from contacting exposed food, equipment, utensils, linens, and unwrapped single service/single use articles./ Employees working in the kitchen are not wearing hair restraints.
53-501.18 Discard RTE/TCS foods that have exceeded 7 days or for which the date of preparation cannot be determined./ Multiple containers of cooked tamales and and carnitas with no date marks found stored in the RI freezer were voluntarily discarded and denatured during the inspection. Properly date mark all TCS food prepared in-house with: date prepared; date frozen; date removed for thawing; date to discard—not to exceed 7 days total (exclude days that the product was frozen).
53-501.16(A)(1) Maintain TCS food at 135 F or above./ One pan of rice holding > 2 hours on top of the steam table (not inside the hot wells) measured 97F-104F and was voluntarily discarded. Cease this practice and load cooked food properly into equipment for hot holding.
44-302.12(B) Provide a temperature measuring device with a suitable small-diameter probe that is designed to measure the temperature of thin foods such as fish filets, shrimp, carnitas, etc./ The only food thermometer available is a bimetallic stem.
13-304.14 Store wet wiping cloths in the appropriate sanitizing solution when they are between uses./ Wet wiping cloths were left on work surfaces in the kitchen between-use.
46-301.12 Provide paper towels at each handwashing sink./ Paper towels are not supplied at the handsink in the warewashing area.
16-301.14 Post a sign at all handsinks that notifies employees to wash hands./ A handwashing sign is not posted at the handsink in the warewashing area.
15-501.15 Provide outdoor storage receptacles for refuse that have tight-fitting lids, doors or covers./ Dumpster lid is missing.
46-501.111(C) Provide effective insect and rodent control to eliminate their presence on the premises./ Live roaches observed in the kitchen crawling on shelving, walls, and floors; large numbers harboring under the deck of the warewashing equipment.
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