82  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 10/29/2019
4JCDH 2.2 Provide food safety training for all food handlers as required.// Head cook food handler card expired June 2019.
1ADPH 420-3-22-.08, 8-403.50 Post current inspection report in a conspicuous place inside the food establishment. Report remains the property of JCDH. // Current inspection report score of a 75 from 8.27.19 was not posted for public view.
13-302.11 Store food wrapped, in packages or in covered containers to prevent contamination. // Several containers of food stored uncovered under rusty and corrosion shelves with heavy debris buildup and hanging string from torn liner inside WI cooler.
53-304.11 Prevent the contact of food with non-food contact surfaces or with food contact surfaces that are not properly cleaned and sanitized.//Several metal 1 inch pans stored inverted with roach egg shells in crevices, plastic container stored with water debris, slime residue, dead roaches.// Dead roaches on cutting board stored on dry storage shelf.
14-601.11(C) Keep nonfood contact surfaces of equipment (interiors of refrigeration units and cooking equipment, exteriors of equipment, storage shelves, etc.) free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. // Food debris in crevices and in between make station lid.//Dusty and mildew on fan covers, food stains on walls and shelves in WI cooler.//4-602.13 Clean non-food contact surfaces of equipment as often as necessary to prevent accumulation of residue.//Gross buildup on shelves in WI cooler and heavy grease buildup on side of fryers and bottom shelf below prep table.
14-501.12 Resurface or discard cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized. // Extremely pitted cutting boards.
14-501.14 Clean the 3- compartment sink.
14-903.11 Store clean equipment and utensils in a clean, dry location where they are not exposed to potential contamination.// Several spoons stored in dirty bucket with brown residue on dry storage shelf.
14-903.11 Store single-service and single-use articles covered, inverted, or in the original protective package.//Carry out containers stored faced up under dusty ceiling tiles.//4-903.11 Store single service articles and single-use articles in clean, dry, locations where they are not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination.
26-501.12 Clean facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, ceiling/wall vent covers, fixtures, etc.) as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness.//Extremely dusty ceiling tiles and air vents above prep table.//Extremely dirty floor under cooking equipment with heavy grease and food residue.//EXTREMELY filty walls, floors, dusty ceiling vents throughout kitchen under and behind all equipment with heavy grease and food crubs buildup. Needs a thorough cleaning to prevent buildup.
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