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April 4th- April 10th is National Public Health Week!

Published: 03/22/22

Save the date! Join JCDH and the American Public Health Association in celebrating National Public Health Week!

The past two years have shown us: Public health is critical. That’s why JCDH is excited to be a part of this year’s National Public Health Week, celebrated April 4-10. We know public health is more than a single topic; it’s countless issues and practices that helping every American to live as long and as well as they can. This year, we’re joining the American Public Health Association in their celebration: Public Health is Where You Are. The COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing public health crisis of racism in the U.S. have shown us it’s now more important than ever to come together and support well-being and health equity in our communities.

So how can you get involved? Celebrate and reinforce gratitude for public health. Look for ways to strengthen our communities, locally and globally. Name and dismantle racism in your community. Hold accountable those responsible for climate change. Urge your elected leaders to prioritize families by advancing policies for paid sick leave and a living wage, and to protect public health workers by ensuring public health authority. Work to make sure health and wellness are not just available, but accessible to everyone in your community. There are countless ways to make your voice heard and become part of the movement for public health.

Learn more about this year’s daily themes, and don’t forget to RSVP for the April 6 Twitter chat. It’s the largest public health conversation of the year, and a great place to hear from public health leaders and let your voice be heard. You can also check out APHA's toolkit for other ways you can keep the momentum going in your community.

Until then, stay engaged, active and safe as we join virtually and work toward a brighter, healthier future.

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