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COVID-19: A One-Year Commemoration

Published: 03/12/21

Just prior to this time last year, we had been watching with concern as cases of novel coronavirus infections were overwhelming hospitals in other parts of the world, and new cases were emerging across many parts United States. When the first cases were identified in all of Alabama’s neighboring states, we understood that it would only be a matter of time before cases would be identified in Jefferson County, and that there was a good chance that infections were already spreading undetected in our area. On March 13, 2020, Jefferson County announced its first COVID-19 case. The Jefferson County Department of Health had been preparing for this type of pandemic/crisis through trainings and enactment exercises with other local, state and federal agencies. This pandemic was unprecedented and allowed us to put our practiced competencies into action.

In order to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the year in review, we compiled COVID-related events, activities and milestones to depict important undertakings that occurred throughout the pandemic.

Comprehensive OP ED

COVID-19 One-year Timeline

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