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91  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 5/6/2019
53-501.16 (A)(2) Maintain TCS food at 41 F or below./// Burger patties (46-51F), lettuce (56F), and tomatoes (45F) stored on the line were out of temperature. COS. The burger patties were on the line for more than 2 hours and were therefore discarded. The lettuce and tomatoes were recently prepared and were therefore moved to the RI freezer to regain temperature. (Note: The RI cooler where the patties are stored was not turned back on the is morning.)
15-205.15 Repair condensate leaks in refrigeration units./// Condensate leak in the RI cooler on the line. 5-205.15(B) Maintain plumbing in good repair./// The faucets at the 3-compartment sink.
26-501.12 Clean facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, etc.) as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness./// Clean behind and between the heavy equipment and the floors throughout the facility (especially the WI freezer)-- accumulation of dust, debris, and/or grease. 6-501.11 Repair or replace damaged floor tiles./// Throughout the kitchen.
14-301.14 Repair or replace ventilation hood systems and devices (including filters)./// Several of the hood filters are damaged-- large gaps. 6-303.11(A) Provide at least 10 foot candles of light at 30 inches from floor in RI refrigeration units, dry food storage areas, and in other areas and rooms during periods of cleaning./// Several blown bulbs in the RI freezer. 6-202.11 Provide shielded or shatter-resistant light bulbs in areas where there is exposed food; clean equipment, utensils, linens, and unwrapped single service/single use articles./// Two of the bulbs in the hood are not shielded.
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