82  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 12/3/2018
53-301.11(B) Use gloves or utensils to handle ready to eat food./// Towards the end of the inspection, an employee was topping a salad without wearing gloves. COS. The salad was discarded. (Note: Facility already has an open NOV for this violation. See NOV# 2S46002829. A 15 Day NOV for intent to suspend the permit was issued.)
4JCDH 2.2 Provide food safety training for all food handlers as required. Provide readily available documentation of food safety training for all employees at all hours of operation./// PIC could not provide food handler's training documentation for 8 of the 12 eligible employees.
1ADPH 420-3-22-.08, 8-403.50 Post current inspection report in a conspicuous place inside the food establishment. Report remains the property of JCDH./// The current inspection report (Score 81) is not posted. COS.
58-103.12 (A) Conform with approved procedures specified in variance or HACCP plan (such as providing an operable pH meter; calibrating pH meter properly; or measuring pH as required)./// Facility has a variance for tempering their cheese. One of the containers of cheese on the line was not labeled with the discard time (as specified in their operation procedures). COS. Discarded. (Note: Facility already has an open NOV for this violation. A new NOV was not issued. See NOV# 2S46002830. A 15 notice of intent to suspend the permit was issued.)
15-205.15 Repair condensate leaks in refrigeration units./// Major leak from both drain lines in the WI freezer and in the RI freezer (across from the WI cooler.)
26-501.11 Replace damaged door and gasket in the WI freezer doors. 6-501.12 Clean facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, etc.) as often as necessary to maintain cleanliness./// Clean behind the heavy equipment and the floors throughout the facility (especially the WI freezer)-- accumulation of dust, debris, and/or grease. 6-501.11 Repair or replace damaged floor tiles./// Throughout the kitchen.
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