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92  Score

Smoke Free Y
Inspection Type Regular
Inspected Date 4/25/2019
13-501.15 (B) Loosely cover or uncover food until cooled, and arrange food in a single layer in cold holding equipment to provide maximum heat transfer through the container walls./ Covered and stacked containers of cooked gumbo found in the WI cooler were transferred to shallow metal pans during the inspection and returned to the walk-in to continue cooling under refrigeration.
14-502.11 (C) Maintain ambient air thermometers to be accurate and in good repair (food holding units)./ Digital temperature displays on the hot food holding cabinets do not read to show the air temperature inside the units, and one of them does not have an auxiliary thermometer located inside.
55-203.14 Provide backflow prevention device at all faucets where a hose is used./ A hose is connected to the faucet on the side exterior of the building with no backflow prevention device installed: provide a hose bibb vacuum breaker.
16-303.11(C) Provide at least 50 foot candles of light in food prep areas./ Blown bulb in fixture on the cook line.
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